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Unilabs Tax Policy 2022

“As a leading diagnostic provider in Europe, we are committed to conduct business with the highest standard of integrity, in compliance with applicable laws, adhering to our values.

Our philosophy is to CARE BIG. To always do what is right, simply because it’s right.”

Michiel Boehmer, CEO

Michiel Boehmer, CEO

Purpose of the policy

The purpose1 of this Tax Policy is to articulate the approach to tax at Unilabs. The Board of directors sets the Policy and reviews it from time to time.

All tax related matters arising across the business should be managed with this policy in mind, and no actions or decisions should be taken that do not align with the principles articulated within.

For more details or to discuss any element of the tax policy please contact the Group Tax Director.

Description of the Group

Unilabs Group Holding ApS, together with its subsidiaries (hereafter ‘Unilabs’ or ‘the Group’), provides a wide range of diagnostic services including clinical laboratory, radiology and pathology services to public and private healthcare providers, local governments, the general public, insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies.

The Group operates across a broad and diversified geographical footprint in Europe, the Middle East, South America, and Australia.

Tax principles


Tax is a core component of corporate responsibility, and governance of tax is overseen by the Board. This tax policy applies across all jurisdictions.


Unilabs is committed to full compliance with the tax laws and regulations in operation in the countries in which we are present.


Unilabs follows established procedures for dealing with tax authorities, and always strives to be courteous and constructive in our dialogue, and to act with integrity.


Unilabs is committed to working with the relevant authorities on a proactive and timely basis to provide the necessary level of information to the tax authorities to allow them to fully assess the facts and reach an informed view. Where a tax authority adopts a different view on a tax position, we work openly and in real time with them to resolve the matter.


In situations where we proactively seek confirmation of a tax treatment from tax authorities through rulings, we do so based on complete and accurate information and with full disclosure of the facts.


Unilabs works closely with trusted advisors in the countries in which we are present.


We do not enter into contrived or artificial arrangements with the purpose of artificially reducing our tax contribution.

1 Although applicable in all geographies, this document is prepared in accordance with UK Finance Act 2016 schedule 19 s161 requiring Unilabs to publish its UK tax strategy online

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