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04 June 2020

A reflection on the impact of Covid-19 from People and Culture Region North

Marie-Louise Howett, People, Culture & Communication

Marie-Louise Howett, People, Culture & Communications Director Region North, has shared her reflection on the impact she has seen on the employees of Unilabs during the Covid-19 crisis and the incredible commitment we have seen from the people of Unilabs. 

Our purpose as an organisation is to be at the heart and start of every treatment decision. We have what we call a CARE BIG culture and our employees embody this culture in their everyday work. I know that our employees are proud to deliver on our purpose, and to help give answers that in the end result in treatment for other people. Behind every test and every result that we deliver is a person waiting for an answer – so for us every test is equally important. This is what it means to CARE BIG.

I am sure the crisis has been very challenging for our employees given that the situation has been so uncertain and emotionally difficult. But I have seen true engagement from all employees across all the five countries in Region North. Commitment, to go to work and to do their absolute best to help patients, in what every way possible – because that is what we do – every day we go to work. 

At the moment, our job is to deliver covid-19 PCR testing, serology testing, making sure that we are keeping our critical cancer screening programs running and perform important analyses required for other patients. What I have learnt during these months, is that it is of utmost importance that employees feel safe, feel recognized and that they are fully informed about what is going on in the business.

This is how we support our employees and as leaders we need to show stability, focus, resilience and most of all humanity. You need to remember to recognize achievements and efforts – say thank you, and say it many times. As leaders we also need to show that we CARE BIG.

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