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Unilabs has a highly specialist team of consultant cytopathologists that provide an integrated screening and diagnostic cytopathology service to users across the UK.

Our comprehensive diagnostic and screening cytopathology service includes –

  • Rapid turnaround times (same day reporting available)
  • Access to patient records 24/7 through our online Connect link

Gynaelogical Cytopathology

Unilabs reports smears using the Hologic ThinPrep liquid based cytology platform only.

A range of cervical cytology test options are available –

  • Thin prep cytology
  • Thin prep and HPV Testing
  • HPV primary testing with reflex cytology
  • HPV full subtyping (HPV20)
  • PCR sexual health screen (DL12)
  • PCR chlamydia and gonorrhoea
  • HPV mRNA

Non Gynaelogical Cytopathology

Unilabs provides testing on the following sample types –

  • Urines
  • Serous Fluids
  • Synovial Fluids
  • Fluids (BAL, cyst fluids, needle washings)
  • FNA’s
  • Brushing specimens
  • CSF
  • Sputum specimens

Please refer to the Sample Handling and Collection section of the website for sample requirements.

Specialist Testing

Unilabs utilises a comprehensive range of supplementary diagnostic tests including immunocytochemistry and flow cytometry. These tests are currently undertaken at referral laboratories.

Please refer to the Additional Testing and Expert Opinions section of the website for specifics.

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