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Specimen Transportation


Unilabs employs full-time couriers who are fully trained in handling UN3373 diagnostic specimens. The ‘local’ foot couriers visit consultant practices and hospitals within a one mile radius of the laboratory on request daily to collect specimens and replenish stock supplies. Our drivers collect specimens within central and greater London.

Same day and overnight couriers

For clients throughout the UK, we subcontract to a reputable medical courier company. The couriers are fully trained in transportation of Category B UN3373 diagnostic specimens, carry medical transport containers and are supplied with emergency spill kits. Our courier suppliers are certified with QMS (Quality Management Systems) ISO14001 and UKAS Quality Management ISO9001:2008.

Postal Packs

For clients outside of London who need to refer small histology specimens or ThinPrep™ vials, we have recently sourced robust postal packs which are UN3373 approved. The pre-paid packs are very easy to use and include specimen containers and packaging material. Request forms are available on request.
Specimens known to be infected with high-risk organisms should be appropriately labelled and placed into a biohazard bag. Leaking specimens may neither be collected nor accepted into the laboratory.

High Risk Samples

Samples known or suspected to be infected with high risk organisms should be clearly labelled and placed into a biohazard bag. Leaking samples may neither be collected nor accepted into the laboratory.

Urgent Samples

For samples requiring urgent results, please indicate this clearly on both the sample request form and corresponding dispatch log, also ensuring that the method of contacting the clinician with the result is clearly stated, along with the date the report is required.

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