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Media Release

09 June 2020

Telemedicine Clinic launches cancer diagnostics in the UK, adding extra capacity to NHS

Barcelona, 9 June 2020: Telemedicine Clinic (TMC), the teleradiology unit of leading European diagnostics group Unilabs, is launching cancer diagnostics services in the UK, adding fresh capacity to the NHS, and helping it deliver high-quality cancer care to patients across the UK. 

“The sooner a cancer is identified, the faster it can be treated, and the better the outcome,” said Dr Gareth Davies, TMC’s UK Medical Director. “We’re very proud to be able to provide this service – given the shortage of radiologists, providing the NHS with additional capacity can make the difference between life and death.”     

The service covers the most common cancers, such as colon, prostate, breast, ovarian, and liver cancer. Since a sharp focus on specific areas of expertise has been demonstrated to improve detection rates, speed, and quality, each type of cancer is handled by dedicated teams of sub-specialists.

TMC works in partnership with radiologists from many major UK and global institutions.

NHS clients provide TMC Oncology with patient scans, together with all prior examinations and reports. These scans are then analysed remotely by TMC’s global expert team of radiologists, who provide fast, accurate reporting through Optemis, TMC’s Radiology Information System. TMC recently integrated AI systems into the workflow, adding an extra layer of quality. 

Cancer referrals are expected to surge over the next few months as patient care returns to normal in the wake of Covid-19. This will also lead to more demand for imaging. This higher demand, combined with a growing shortage of radiologists in the UK, means that TMC’s Oncology service adds much-needed capacity to an already stretched system.


Media contact:

Alistair Hammond, Director of Communications


t: +44 771 773 0441


Matt Ginder, Head of TMC UK



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Telemedicine Clinic is a leading European provider of high-quality teleradiology services, with clients in Scandinavia, the UK and Germany. In 2019, Telemedicine Clinic completed more than 450,000 reports for the NHS, supporting more than fifty NHS hospitals. 

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